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Introduction to Corda for Developers

Course Objectives

To provide students with a solid conceptual and practical understanding of Corda and the development of CorDapps.

Target Audience

Students will require intermediate programming ability in Java or similar. No prior knowledge of distributed ledger technologies or blockchains is assumed.

Expected Results

By the end of the training, developers will have the key skills necessary to develop financial grade distributed applications on the Corda platform.


Classroom-based training with presentations, demos, and hands-on coding on the Corda platform.


Students will be required to review pre-requisite training materials and short videos. During the course (24 hours), students will be required to write code on the Corda platform, with hands-on assistance from the instructors.

Form of Payment

Credit Card: up to 6x
Billet: up to 2x


The training will be in English, with no translation.

Special Price

We are offering a 50% discount on the inaugural class. Please use the cupon ITCFD2017 to purchase the discounted course.

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